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Plan Printing

Don’t cut corners when it comes to plan printing in Melbourne. Invest in professional plan printing service of CPC Print and have the plans recreated in large formats to capture the big picture. At CPC Print, we can scan your architectural, construction, engineering, electrical, plumbing and mechanical plans, drawing and blueprints, and print them directly in colour or black & white.

High Quality Plan Printing

A high-quality, clear plan print gives your customers the confidence in what you do and serves as a support tool for your project. Using the very latest in high-speed digital printing equipment, we are able to produce the highest-quality output and meet the needs of your business’s fast moving competitive environment. Whether you order is a single plan or over 100 plans, we will get the building plan printing job done quickly and flawlessly.

Varied Range Of Printing Sizes Available

Here at CPC Print, we offer plan printing in a wide range of sizes, including A0, A1, A2, A3 and A4. Even if your supplied plan is not one of these regular sizes, we are happy to resize and print it to any standard size or to your preferred size. Our commitment to provide personalised solution is what makes us apart from other printing companies in the city.

Types Of Papers Available

 We can print your mono or colour plans onto the industry standard 80gsm paper using state of the art wide-format plan printers. If required, you can also choose from other paper types such as tracing paper (110gsm thick), non-tear polypropylene or hi-resolution posters. 


Lamination, also known as encapsulation, helps to avoid creases and tears in the plan. During the process, we apply clear plastic coating on to the both sides of the poster. Once laminated, your plan will become completely waterproof and durable. It also makes your plan more vibrant and eye-popping. 

Plan Scanning

The storage and handling of paper documents such as plans, maps, drawings and blueprints can take up a large amount of space and can be difficult to handle. With our plan scanning service, you no longer have to keep lots of paper and can also limit the office space occupied by those large format documents. 

What Makes Our Plan Printing A Better Choice?

  • For a seamless construction plan with excellent clarity and meticulousness, the construction businesses can enlist our plan printing services in Melbourne
  • Though our print planning service comes at a cost, it saves you the stress of vague information found on black and white drawing or sketches. 
  • All of our printers have a high-accuracy, coupled with colour printing, so you can be assured of getting an impressively printed plan that is more accurate than the hand-drawn plans. 
  • With our a1 plan printing service, your brand’s recognition will be raised. When your customers get to know that you have invested in a professional service to print your plan, they will realise that you are keen to detail and are trustworthy. 

So, if you are searching for plan printing services near me in Melbourne, call us today on 1300 294 450 for a free estimate. 

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