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What We Do.

Plan Printing and Scanning

We are available to take your orders 24 hours a  day, 7 days a week using our online ordering service. We will print according to your instructions (size, colour, and quantity), then deliver to your destination by the next business day. Melbourne metro addresses are next business day and other locations may take a little longer.  Our plan printing services also include plan scanning and copying from A4 to A0 and larger. The scanned file formats we provide are PDF, TIF or JPG. Plans can be enlarged or reduced for printing from A4 to A0. This means you can provide plans of a certain size but you can specify, in your size selection, the size that you would actually like them to be printed, no problems. If you are not sure about using the online ordering service I would suggest you call us with your query and we can discuss how easy and hassle free it really is, but to keep it moving I would suggest you use our Quick Upload service which is a stand-alone file upload service backed up by Dropbox.  It is very simple to use and will give you a confirmation email, and a reference number for the upload. Simply upload your files as separate files or a multi page file, or a compressed zip file with your instructions and we will get them done. A multi page file or zip file are generally preferred. We can take card payments over the phone, or in some instances provide an invoice. You can also use the online ordering service to obtain a quotation for the printing you have in mind to do. If you have any questions please email or call for prompt attention.

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Business Printing

Arrange all your printing in the one place. We print short run, high quality documents including newsletters, flyers, brochures, booklets, business cards and all your business stationery quickly to meet your deadlines. We accept most file types and can provide in-house design and graphic art services if you need them.

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We use a variety of wide format materials and coatings to provide the right quality finish to suit your needs, from 80gsm bond to 260gsm photo paper and thick synthetics. The high quality of the posters and banners makes them suitable for many situations from outdoor to trade shows, to presentations. We also produce pullup banners, indoor banners and a variety of outdoor banners and signs. Our pricing is competitive, and we will provide quality products that will present your company in the best way possible.


Graphic Design

Our graphic design service can help with the design of business cards, new logo design, brochures or advertising material, and for the office we can assist with forms, booklets, and stationery. We can discuss your ideas, and then create something fresh and exciting for you. We are also happy to edit or modify your existing business card, brochures, or other artwork to bring them up to date before printing.

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Online Print Management

Online Print Management is simply an online catalogue of your main print products. We will give you a username and password to access your catalogue, when you login it is possible to perform simple edits, but mainly the purpose is to store your most recent print files or current print products which can be ordered directly from the catalogue. We will also include different quantity and pricing options for you. The online catalogue can deliver a number of significant benefits to your organisation. First, it can help organise and streamline  your internal processes by providing a single web login to access and re-order the basic print items your organisation needs. Regardless of who is logging in, they will be able to proof, update, and re-order print items saving time and money. With predetermined and agreed pricing there is peace of mind that prices will not vary for a set period.

We will keep a catalogue of your print artwork which includes the quantities you have ordered, an image for proofing, and some basic editing capabilities on simple items such as business cards. The visual image of the artwork is very useful to check if it is current and accurate.

Sounds a bit expensive right? Wrong. As a print provider and manager, it makes our life a little easier as well. We invite you to contact us to discuss how Online Print Management can help you save time and money.

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